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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

08 Aug, 2008 - 5th, 6th, 7th last days in Ireland by Ruby

Its been raining pretty much ever since we hit Ireland....... heaps of mist as well. Like everyone says, it looks like NZ, only on a wet autumns day. The stock are sooo big and healthy, the pasture is rich and green, ( sounds like the start of an ad.. ) but its true. We could'nt get over the size of the cows etc.
these beasts were in the paddock that was where the 1200's Abby was in Cashel

this is a sea side town just where Lord Montgomerys castle is, he was Prince Charles favorite uncle.... he was murdered by the IRA

this is called the 'Rock' which is in Cashel .. the Abby is also in Cashel.. they were both built in the 1200's.

here is a WIDE country road in Ireland... most are smaller.        this castle was at Kilkenny   and when we made it back to Belfast and stopped in the city for a break ,saw this rubbish tin

went thru a heap of peat bogs where they had cut, and lait out to dry peat bogs that would be used in thier fires.

the peat bogs...               This ones for you Flynn.... went past a pub called Flynns but it was raining too hard.            These are fish hatcheries we can only guess for slamon, at Killybegs

here are a few of the fishing boats at Killybegs  and the ship in the background is a cable layer......    and some of Ireland country

the Irish people themselves say they have had a very poor wet summer, tho it was forcast, as was last year... not much consolation for us tho, The saving grace being, it wasnt cold, and the locals were a lovely as their land

I must take this opportunity to let everyone that knows my daughter Erin, and Partner Corey and son Connor that they have added to their family with another little boy.... Riley Congratulations ,and all our love.

The bikes handle the rain really well, the only time they have slipped has been on white lines, tram tracks.. or like the other day, oil on the road. And a bit of sad...anyone who knows Scruffy... she is now dead.


misty hills.....     and Lord Mongomerys castle that a beef barron now owns

Scottish cow ( back in Scotland )         Scottish skys   ...... and a Scottish castle on a loch

Scotland....     there is miles of ancient walls that used to enfold ones property...     Warkworth castle, for Jesse my eldest..  gotta go, its late happy week everyone