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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

10 Aug, 2008 - Scotland, to the lakes district in England by Ruby

We stopped at a little pub in Crocketford round 4pm and settled in. The weather was crap, drizzly and dull. But the folk in the pub were great, we had dinner and Brens bubbly that she had won on the ferry crossing, and finally called it a day bout 11pm after being invited to the local aryshire farm that is owned by Norma and Bill Calandar just 3 miles down the road. Well the next morning we set off to find it... an hour later it finally appeared! Absolutly huge! bout 400 hundred cows, average milk per cow per day... 38ltrs!! housed all year round, fed silage cut off the farm, and bought in supplements, including chocy biscuits which I tasted, yummies. The cows, and calves are soo big and healthy. But before I forget.. had Haggis for dinner last nite.. really nice and stinky so grumpy says. Also me and Emil have had deep fried steak pies!! very nice and disgusting. The lakes where we are now are stunning, even on a dull day which it is.

Grumpy here, my turn now,   The aryshire farm was very interesting,  what a different way to farm,  the land looks very NZ, but , even in summer the cows are indoors, all feed bought to them, eating & sleeping on rubber pads, shit automatically removed to huge effluent tanks, then spayed onto the paddocks.  Huge silage stacks, one worker just mixing various feed, chocalate chip bikkies, oat cleanings etc, & then feeding to the stock either in the cowshed while milking, or in their living sheds,  seems a high expense way of obtaining a very large literage of milk, too us, why not go for less litres, & pasture feed as often as possible, For gods sake, even in summer they are indoors, with all the associated expense, foot trimming, 41/2 hrs to milk 400 cows thru a 40 bail rotary,   . Peter, the main herdsman , starts at 3.00am, gets in for breckie at 9.30, what a life!!!!  On top of that they are getting paid less  than they where 10 years ago.

180 cows in this shed....                                                                                                     more of the same...                                                                            silage with straw on top under cover.. silage next to it

pick me, pick me....                                                                                                    where they make the milk....                                                                     up in the hills of the lake district

one of the lakes...                                                                                                  one of the hills....                                                                                  one of the valleys.. note black sheep on road

before we left Belfast we visited the boys at thier salon

Andrew attacking Grumpy...         Martin, creating...               Emma the apprentice