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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

14 Aug, 2008 - Wales, LLandrindod Wells... and yesterday by Ruby

Yesterday, or the day before we split up from Em and Bren for us to go to Leeds, and get our brake pads changed,and them to go back to Priors Marston to collect the new chip for our GPS for the rest of europe. We had a good trip down thru yet more beautiful country, and just happened on a Falconry, and bird conservation place. Whoa... this was two of my happiest days. Heaps of beautiful birds, and I got to have a barn owl fly onto my arm and off ( small things I know ) but it was really cool. We could not stay for the afternoon show because of the brakes, but it was seriously one of the things I could tick off my list.
this falcon was the star of the show

close up of the barn owl ...                               here he comes......                  there he goes....                         this vulture was brushing my shoulder with its wings when landing on the fence, huge! bigger than a turkey. And this owl copied Noels movements. Only, Noels head stopped turning....

the guys at Thunder City Victory vision were great. Em had got his pads done on the way up a couple of weeks ago, I took these pics of Paul and Andy the owners not very clear... sorry

victory logo....                                                                                                     Andy and Paul...                                                                     before the brakes done .....                      do they really know what theyre doin?

a while back we stayed at Ashbourne a little place stuck on the side of a hill... everything is sooo old over here. Buildings we have found from the 1200's onwards.

George and Dragon, our hotel..      look! milk delivered to your door in glass bottles!!....     and Ashbourne at night lookin out our window...       the York moors, they went for absolutly miles, covered with heather and sheep. Anyway after Leeds and the brakes, we continued onto Manchester, and had a lovely night with Mike and Linda, who Noel is designing a house for in New Zealand... we left them after a lovely meal, and catch up.