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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

16 Aug, 2008 - Haverford West Wales by Emil

We left Ruby and Noel at Lancaster  and had a great ride down to Kim's in the rain,at least it didn't rain all the way The weather while we have been here in the UK has been abysmal . Not the summer that one would wish for when touring a country &  Ireland was the same , so its time to make a break and head for France and Spain, maybe we will have more luck there. Fingers crossed

The following day we finally caught up with N & R at LLandrindod Wells in Wales, Another pretty little village that you seem to find dotted all through the British Isles  Again the land and surrounds are very similar to parts of NZ  The trees  Paddocks rolling over lush green undulating countryside , If one was still farming you could get quite home sick  But not us !!!!   From here we carried on down to Haverford West and caught up with MIKE  a Pom that worked for us in Ararua and again at Te Aria  A few beers and a good yarn or two, it was just like old times  He now assembles and organizes milking machinery  and  is at present doing a 50 bale rotary cowshed in the area we were visiting   We all, after another full breakfast,         god they taste good , but you know and we know how bad they are for you  Don't tell the family doctor !!!!                                                                                                         headed off in that direction to check out the new shed and say our farewells  A   New Zealand built platform  with De Val milk plant

This took us down to  Cardiff passing a great many places that a Rugby enthusiast would be welcomed with open arms, for a lot  of the Welsh,  just automatically , saw our bikes with the silver fern ,  and started talking about Rugby and  NZ   Here we stayed the night with Vaughn and Natalie ( friends son whom Ive known  since he was in nappies ) Treated to a superb cottage pie followed by more beers  Thanks Guys see you at home sometime

  We are now in Stockbridge Hampshire after setting off for Lands End only to become further disillusioned by more shit weather ,turned around and headed  to wards Dover  On the way we diverted to Stonehenge only to be greeted with more tourists and lanes of  traffic   Spain here we come