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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

17 Aug, 2008 - Croydon.. outside London by Ruby

The trip down wasnt anything to write home about. and it was only 70 miles.. so I shan't, tho I'll put some pics in that we havent done yet. Oh yes... its sunny today.

this is the pub we stayed at in Priors Marston.....                                1700's stone wall.......                        just a lovely cottage in Kim and Alistairs village....             Noel waiting for the steam train on the way to Straithes

We also called in to see the Queen at Balmoral but she wasnt recieving visitors, so we spoke to her personal Bobbie instead, that was the day we rode down roads that were little less than tracks, with pull overs for people to pass. And when we did the Lakes area... it was the same over the passes. Some of it was real scary... Ems put a few pics in, heres some more. Note how close the house is to the road... there are heaps like this, can see what they are watching on telly in thier lounges!!

Queens Bobbie..                  Noel helping Em have a drink, not.....                                            Driving past the house on the road towards the passes ( highest in UK )...      having a celebratory pee after surviving the ride

these are thier sheep in the lakes district...                                      Black peasant cock on the side of the road, and his hen

this is the castle at Lancastor, we stayed in town one night.... lakes district....       and the shiny bit is the road down thru one pass to go up another

am really looking forward to crossing into France in a couple of days... not as hot as Spain, but better than here. And it seems we left Belfast and the rest of Ireland in time... they are having terrible floods now. Off to do London tomorrow... Croydon where we are staying is just out of. Its the buses and train to get in.  Just two pics of LLandrindod Wells was a lovely little town we stayed in. In a neat pub with a great proprietor 'Basil "

don't remember if I said, but this sculpture was made up of tiny bits of copper that all the townfolk hammered out, and inscribed. The sculpture is the biggest water one in UK.. we jogged around the lake, absolutly beautiful.