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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

21 Aug, 2008 - Edenbridge... from Southampton by Ruby

Not too many miles again today... just moved accommodation a little closer to where we are changing the tires. Eden bridge is a lovely little town not too far away from London, infact nothing is too far from London really. I actually liked Croydon better. Being in the Black and Islamic area made it a bit more interesting. Anyway we stayed in Southampton last night in this huge old hotel, way better compared to the one the night before... Southampton is really an ugly or at the very least a plain town. It was severely bombed in the war, and all but ob liberated because it is a huge sea port. But there is a bit of the wall from the 1200's left to take pics of... and two huge Malls.

just some info on Southampton.......                                                            and some more....                                                                               the "Gate" built in the 1200's


this is a bike I would love to own... low enough, and not too heavy, yea, like when I win the lotto. The ride down was really nice, it was fine and we went down some country roads, haven't done that for a few days, and on the way     

cool bike, in Cris's workshop...                                                      Arundel castle.....                                                                           these look like our pukeko, but they are a lot smaller, and the beaks are different.

The little pub we are staying in tonite is right next door to the bike shop.. and breaky is from 7am til noon. So we don't have to dash off... tho we want to catch the ferry tomorrow, and since the tires arrived this arrvo there shouldn't be a problem. Some one mentioned the other day that some of the pics on the journal are a bit small.... all u have to do is hold your mouse over it.. and click. It will then be full size, OK?