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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

22 Aug, 2008 - Dover, to France.. to Spain.. approx by Ruby

Dover's Cliffs were stunning... and I did not have the camera out til we parked the bikes for the ferry crossing... so sorry for those of you that might have wanted to see some pics of same. But as we drew up for the ferry, behind this huge bus of middle aged Italians, we ended up having a very happy hours wait. First off, half of them poured out to look, and take pics of our bikes... with us on them, and them spread all over them. It really was a blast, none of us spoke much, but with smiles and hands flapping, we all got a say. During this... Noel and I had been up to the coffee vending machine to find we didn't have the right money... so no caffeine. Never mind, after heaps of pics, Noel finally gesticulated drinking, cause we had seen them coming off their bus with cups of coffee... or should I say capfuls. Anyway the Italians were only too glad to reciprocate and dragged us all to the front of the bus where upon the driver started the engines to get the coffee machine working. There was also 'whoa' strong vino on offer, so we made the most of that as well. It was great!!! it really felt like we were starting our third leg of the journey with a bang! So off to France we go. We had wanted to leave England etc cause we were sick of the dull rainy days... but hitting Rouen was no better, as you can see from the pics

entering Rouen over the bridge...                      tallest cathedral, under renovation....       last stop in France, Bayone ...    and again, just lovely houses on the water front

then we carried on to the start of Spain, Basque,... all this day we traveled bout 600kms yesterday, and 560 odd today. Quite tiring ,but really good roads and new interesting terrain. Its like being on an alien planet again... seems its just us four that speak english! sooo funny, can be frustrating for some of the team. But always entertaining. Tis much more rugged here in the beginning of Spain, heaps of hills, or short mountains I suppose, quite a bit of forestry going on... and heaps of derelict buildings, like all over where ever we have been. If we are not already in the gurgler.. man kind is sure headed in that direction!


we happened on this festival that was just winding up.... told a couple of stories, but did not really understand what it was about. Cool music tho.... We ended up in a little town called Abadino for the night... after trying in a couple of others on the way that did not cater for strangers. Great bars.. you just chuck your cigy buts, and anything else on the floor. Cheap booze, a nice change.