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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

26 Aug, 2008 - Spain to Portugal by Ruby

Spain, we found the people not as friendly or helpful as the Portuguese people are... and I just wonder if  thats  how its spelt.! Also.. Portugal is much cleaner, and tidy. How does that sound for anal retentiveness. The country changed dramatically when we hit Portugal... more rugged, acres and acres of Olives, solar panels, gum trees, and more pine forests. Just remember this is only part of the country I am seeing. Saw some cork trees!!, they had just been stripped of their seasons cork/bark and were a pretty red. Saw a shit pond regurgitation at work as well, but the pics are not clear enough. they were recycling thier poos. And man! did it stink!!

cork waiting to be proccessed...                                       our very own cop, once again...                                              one of  the views outside our hotel in Torres Novas....     Alas, graffiti is all over the planet

When we hit Torres Novas we were directed to the info centre... but found the cop shop first. After a chat and the usual exchange of bike statistics they told us how to find the centre... but cause we looked so dumb... it was decided that we would get a police escort there! yaaa, cause we would never have found the place, and to make things perfect, there was a hotel right next door in our price range.. right next door to a castle!!. the bell in the pic is part of it. Cannot find the date, but the tile mural will give u an idea of the era.


this pic is made from heaps of tiles depicting a war on the castle...     the castle itself, it is being fixed up at the moment...        all the old streets, and many of the houses had tiles on the walls


We stayed in a very nice hotel in Abadino Basque... Spain....  day time, and night view, first really hot night, and reasonable price....          Noels alien pillion... enough for now.