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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

30 Aug, 2008 - Sintra Portugal by Emil

The last 3 days have seen us having some R&Rat a place called Poco Redonda, a camp ground set in the country side not far from Torres Novas 

The 1st day saw us all relaxing and reading the odd swim by the pool and of course sunbathing, lapping up the rays, the girls getting the perfect all over tan, us guys happy with what we have, heaps but not good  to look at  The beers at 1Euro are cheap but gee they taste so nice its hard to stop at one

The following day we shot into Tomar to check out  the Old Wall City dating back centeries A grand site it was too and classisfied as one of the 7 wonders of Portugal

we also went to visit a dam that supplied the surrounding districts with water hoping to find a place to take a splash but decided that the pool was a better bet  all of us are becoming accostomed to this sunshine though the last 3-4 days the temp has been around 30 - 36 C just great after all the cloudy and dull weather in the UK and Ireland

so today we made our way down towards Lisbon or I should say Sintra to check out another castle for the Girls Tonight we are in a hotel right on the beach where it just happens that the World Boogie surfing champs are on