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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

06 Sep, 2008 - Le Palma del Condado... to.. Algeciras Spain by Ruby
Hey everybody.. just to let you know we are still on the road. Been havin a break at a camp site with a lovely huge pool for a couple of days in Portugal before we left for Spain again. Real cheap food and friendly people at the camp. We were the only english speaking people. But after three days, they kind of knew what we drank etc. The roads are great... the landscape is pretty rugged.... with miles of olives, almond etc etc. Picked some almonds the other day, yummie!!! nothing like the died up old things we buy at home. Had some interesting new taste sensations. Pretty hard finding somewhere where we can compute tho. Loving the fine weather. Stopped off at the international sand making comps yesterday... will put in heaps of pics next time we can use our own computer. Hope everybody is well.... we are !!! cheers for now.